JPVäisänen speaks in Damascus International Extraordinary Meeting

Dear Comrades,
participants of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Communist and Workers’
Parties, in Damascus, September 28-30\2009.

On behalf of Communist Party of Finland, and my own behalf I convey warm fraternal greetings to the Party leadership and delegates participating in at the Extraordinary International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties on the Palestinian Issue in Damascus 28th – 30th of September, 2009.

Our meeting is taking place in the situation of a deep economic crisis of the capitalist system. Israeli aggressions towards Palestinian people have not been vanished by the ceasefire in Gaza. Barak Obama has come out with changes in the international rhetoric concerning the war against terrorism, but the main strategy of US imperialism in the Middle-East has not changed. In Europe, the right-wing forces have occupied more seats in the European Parliament. The referendum in Ireland on the Lisbon treaty and the United Nations Copenhagen climate summit will also be important events. Nato with its new Scandinavian Secretary General is strengthening its aggressiveness power through International Security Assistance Forces.

Present international and national situation calls for an alternative approach in order to the world. International communist parties can be that alternative. Together we can open new perspectives for just, democratic and peaceful world. People have believed in neoliberal myths and bourgeois lies for too long. Too many elements of civil society have been sold to commercial markets and dominated by violence. Too much of peoples property has been privatized. A time for a change is in our hands.

In December the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees in the Near East will be sixty years old. That means 60 years of refugees status for the Palestinians. We all know that Palestinian refugees continue to live in intolerable circumstances. Only In Gaza alone 70% of the population is characterized by chronic unemployment and lack of basic every day supplies like infrequent access to power and water.

Refugees only remain refugees if the just and fair political solution is not achieved. European Union must be critized of its double role in the conflict. On the other hand EU is the biggest donor of financial assistance to the Palestinians. On the other hand, the EU strongly collaborates with imperialistic politics of the United States of America. EU should take a clear and more effective position against the Israeli violations. It is time for EU to take on independence stand in order to end Washington’s and Israeli hegemony in the peace process, to support the rights of the Palestinian people and to guarantee a larger and more effective international participation.

We communist parties around the world have the possibility to act in a more united way in supporting the role of the communist parties and other progressive forces in the Middle East. Marxist analysis, the class oriented political aims on both sides of the conflict area will surely open up new political alternatives in the peace process in the Middle East.

The Communist Party of Finland stresses its solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people for their national legitimate rights, mainly the right to self determination and the establishment of their independent state. The Communist Party of Finland wishes to express its solidarity with the Palestinian political prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails. Geneva Conventions need to be applied and all political prisoners should be released from the Israeli prisons.

This year in April Nato celebrated its 60 anniversary. New US so-called missile defense system was to be placed in Europe. But because of peoples critical opposition, anti-Nato mass-movements and Russian´s firm position to the new missile defense system US government has given up this plan. But now we have it here in the Middle East which will further increase the real risk of a new confrontation in the area. This is a concrete demonstration of imperialist politics of the US and Israel not only towards Palestine but the whole Arab region.

The Nato-leaders and the right-wing forces in my own country, in Finland, try to connect Finland closer and closer into the militaristic structures and imperialist policies of the Nato. The Finnish troops are taking part the Nato-led operations in Afghanistan. The Communist Party is strictly against the Nato and demanding that the Finnish troops must withdraw from Afghanistan.Therefore our main task will be strengthening and broadening the international peace-movement and the anti-imperialist struggle as well as to build a left and democratic alternative to bourgeois rule in our countries.

Dear Comrades.

We believe that the collective analysis and the experience of this Extraordinary International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties on the Palestinian issue in Damascus contribute to a better understanding among ourselves and intensify our common struggle for Peace, Progress and Socialism. We wish the meeting all success and congratulate the Communist Party of Syria on this initiative.

Juha-Pekka Väisänen
Communist Party of Finland
Member of the political committee

Meeting of the Communist and Workers’
Parties, in Damascus,
September 28-30\2009.